simão barreto

hey, i’m simão.
a copywriter born in lisbon
and currently based in hamburg.

ikea d   i   g   i   t  a   l  

       spec ad created during quarantine.

       what if ikea stopped sending out assembly instructions?


       silver at the 2020 summit creative awards.


       project developed with carlota real.



uber        s   o   c   i   a   l       a   w   a   r   e   n   e   s   s

       sometimes, we all need someone that is willing to listen. 

       because of that, a lot of people spend their uber trips talking to their driver, letting go of their problems and concerns.


       what if those trips became real therapy sessions? 


       project developed with sid shelton.



barclays u   x    |    u   i 


       d&ad new blood entry.

       an automatic piggy bank that can be used by the user, but also shared with someone that might need it more.


       talent award winner at the 2020 golden award of montreux.


       project developed with lawal bakare.



google u   x    |    u   i

       future lions entry.

       fictional google app that makes cooking fun and way easier.


       project developed with louis vieira.



giffgaff l       o       n        g              c       o       p       y

       the essence of giffgaff is the power of choice of its members – they’re part of a community that can think for itself.

       with that in mind, the best way for the brand to present itself is to show how important choices are and how we should keep making them.


about me

i love simplicity, straightforward concepts and writing    using lower case. want to know more? let’s get in touch!
in the meantime, you can take a look at my cv here.


summit creative awards  silver 2020
golden award of montreux talent award   winner 2020
young lions portugal   student category finalist | rha 2020
adce high potentials   portuguese finalist 2019
prémios lusófonos da criatividade   portuguese speaking student of 2019